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Eye Com  1200 Image Rotation Reader

NOTE:  If you know the size of lens you need, please note the size on the order form.  If you’re not sure what size lens you need, we will determine the size when we call you..


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Reader with single lens / image rotation



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Reader with dual lens / dual prism / image rotation



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This reader is also available with single prism / dual lens



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We recommend you purchase an extra lamp with your order.

Featuring 360° image rotation, this unit is ideal for
microfilm  jacket and rollfilm users. Designed for viewing Source Document at 100% of  original size and COM at 75% of original size, Available in three models: single  lens with rotation, dual lens with single rotation or dual lens with dual  rotation. Options include the Reader Rollfilm Attachment for viewing of 16/35mm  rollfilm.

Screen Size:

11 "H x 1 1 "W (279mm x 279mm)


21X, 24X (Source), 36X (48X COM), 42X (Source), 48X (Source),  54X (72X COM), 65X


20-1/2"H x 13-1/4"W x 15-1/4"f) (520mm x 336mm x  387mm)


16 lbs. (7.25kg)


FLT, 25W, 13.8V


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Manual Carrier



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Manual rollfilm carrier shipped free if purchased with reader .. $20. if purchased separately.

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Please call (513) 753-1954 to place your order or  e-mail me with any questions.

Because of the specialty of our products, speaking with you will assure you receive the correct product.


Phone:  (513) 753-1954


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